ceritera hidup seorang cikaro

ceritera hidup seorang cikaro
**iffah forever**

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a new life!!! must go on!!!yess my life must go on!!!
iffah..u r a strong girl!!!u can struggle due to ur probss!!!YESSS!!!I'M!!
after more than 1 year i'm not being myself,,now is the bez time for me to i fight for myself!!!
i know maybe all of my act to him are very2 cruel but sorry dear...i have to..
i don't want to lie u anymore..i want to be myself...

for me,,i can't leave my net addicted,,my jeans n my lifestyle...i'm very sorry dear..i can't!!!
may be u feel hard to accept all this but i know u r a strong man!!u can although it takes a long time.....i'm sorry

now,,i got my life again!!!
thakzzz so much to my syg!![yunie,bell,sya,,n yan]
i laf yu alllll....!!!
now i've my boi's buddis again[shah,khai,,hakim]...


i've my luvly dude!!!!!!!
i luv u dude!!!mwahhhhh[ifah <3 wan]

sorryyyyyyyyy..i can't back to my sorrow life...
soorrryyyyyyy dear!!!!

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